3-Day Sake Breweries Tour & Optional Activities Package

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What to Expect

SATOYAMA @TOKYO is a neighborhood located to the west of the metropolitan area in Tokyo. There are no crowds, no skyscrapers and no bustle of a city, but there are mountains, rivers, good old Japanese culture and sound of nature. In such surroundings, people and nature coexist in harmony.

The one of the most remarkable aspects of this region is the distance from the central Tokyo. You will enjoy cultural experiences, visiting historic sites and even outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and river rafting as a day trip from downtown hotels in Tokyo.

All our tours include transport by chartered vehicle or public transportation and English speaking tour guide. Check out the details of this tour.

This tour features Nihonshu(日本酒:Sake or rice wine), there are 5 local sake breweries in this area. You're going to visit some storehouses and have a guided tour inside. All meals are included with drinking sake from 5 breweries.

Meet a guide at Shinjuku station & take a train to SATOYAMA @TOKYO area

After arriving at a station in SATOYAMA @TOKYO, we will head to Ishikawa Sake Brewery by chartered vehicle.

Visiting Ishikawa Sake Brewery & Lunch

The first destination will be Ishikawa(石川)sake brewery where you can see many Kura(蔵:storehouses)on their premises. And luckily they brew beer too. They also have a small shop so that you can get some bottles of sake and beer as souvenirs.

Enjoy both their sake, TAMAJIMAN(多満自慢), and the locally brewed beer at their own restaurant.

*The restaurant may change due to the availability.

Visiting Nakamura Sake Brewery

Wooden traditional tools formerly used to make sake are displayed at this place. You will learn the traditional style of making sake and enjoy sampling a sip of CHIYOTSURU(千代鶴), the brand name of Nakamura(中村)sake brewery. A bottle of sake can be purchased on the spot as well.

Dinner & Stay at Resort Hotel by River

Spend overnight at a riverside hotel. The scenic gorge views from rooms are spectacular! Calm the mind and enjoy delicious multi-course Japanese dinner.

They also offer a hot spring with the view to relax and enjoy the moment.

Day 2
Choose Two of SATOYAMA Experiences

Indigo Dyeing Workshop
NINJA Experience

Enjoy cultural experiences and outdoor activities.
Choose 2 experiences from the list below or 1 activity from One Day Excursions.

AIZOME (藍染:Japanese Indigo Dyeing)Experience

NINJA Experience in an Old SAMURAI Residence

Photo Shooting with Wearing KIMONO in an Old SAMURAI Residence

WASHI (和紙:Japanese traditional paper) Hand Making Experience

・Excursion in a Lime Stone Cave

・Visiting the Second Tallest Buddha Statue in Japan

Monorail Ride to a Historic Residence which is an Important Cultural Property

・Visiting Historic Temples & Shrines
⇒For Example

・Visiting the Ornamental Combs and Hairpins Museum

Foot Bathing in Hot Spring & Short Walking for a Beautiful Riverview

・Short Walking the Path to the Waterfalls (Designated 100 Waterfalls in Japan)

・Savoring MATCHA (抹茶:Japanese Green Tea) & WAGASHI (Japanese Sweets)

・Tea Break with a Beautiful Scenic View at an Western Tea Garden

・Lunch with a Beautiful Scenic View at an Western Tea Garden

・Short Hiking at Mt. Mitake & Visiting a Historic Temple

Cycling in a Scenic Rural Area

★Seasonal options★

Cherry Blossom Trees
Azalea Flowers
・Viewing Beautiful Cherry Blossoms (early April)

・Viewing about 17,000 Azaleas in a Temple (during mid-April & early May)

・Viewing about 10,000 Hydrangeas in the Hydrangea Mountain (during mid-June & mid-July)

・Going to Riversides for Watching Fireflies at Night (during mid-June & mid-July)

・Viewing Beautiful Autumn Leaves (during November~December)

Rafting (during April~October)

Canyoning (during April~October)

*The best seasons vary depending on the year.

◆One Day Excursions◆
(Only 1 activity a day from this list)

A View of Mt. Fuji

・Hiking for Viewing Mt. Fuji

・Cycling along a River while Visiting Temples and more

・Forest Therapy® Road Walking & Soba Noodles Hand Making
⇒Click here for more information about Forest Therapy.

Dinner & Stay at Ryokan (traditional Japanese-style hotel)

Spending a luxurious time in Tokyo doesn’t mean only staying in high-end hotels of metropolitan Tokyo. This Ryokan, which is called Kabutoya, located in a mountain of Tokyo reaches an altitude of 750m above sea level. The traditional Japanese architectural structure, the exterior with a thatched roof and the interior with Irori fireplace, would totally rest your mind.

Irori fireplace is a traditional open fireplace in Japan to make charcoal fire cooking while keeping the room warm. But it’s really rare nowadays and hard to find a ryokan with that.
In addition to that, a scenic view and a bathtub filled with hot spring will relax you enough.

Click here for sample of dinner menu!

Day 3
Ozawa Sake Brewery Tour & Lunch

Relax in the scenic garden next to this brewery placed along Tamagawa river(多摩川). Ozawa(小澤 ) sake brewery, founded in 1702, is the oldest sake maker around this area. Their brand name is called SAWANOI(澤乃井) and there are some types of sake. You will take a guided tour to learn how they are made in their Kura.

After the tour, you will enjoy drinking at the homemade tofu (豆腐:soybean curd)restaurant, Mamagotoya.

*The restaurant may change due to the availability.

Concludes at JR OME Station

Take a train bound for the central Tokyo.

*The schedule is subject to change.

Important Information

・If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know when you book.
・Please note that the tour itinerary and order may change.
・Due to weather conditions, natural disasters or any other special conditions, we could cancel tours. When we cancel the tour, we will refund all the tour cost you paid.

Departure & Return details

Meets a guide & concludes at 新宿駅 Shinjuku station in central Tokyo at 8:00am & 4:00pm (approx.).

*We take a train to SATOYAMA @TOKYO area from Shinjuku, and on the return trip guide services end after guiding you to a train bound for Shinjuku station.

**Hotel pick-up is available with an additional charge. Please contact us for details.


JPY ¥129,800
6 persons 129,800yen
5 persons 139,800yen
4 persons 159,800yen
3 persons 179,800yen
2 persons 209,800yen
(price per person)

*Please contact us for details of personal trip, child and infant rates
・Transport by chartered vehicle
・English speaking tour guide
・Entrance fees
・Accommodation with breakfast
・Hotel pick-up and drop-off (additional charge for hotel pick-up)
・Gratuities (optional)

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Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 14 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel between 8 and 13 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 7 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Our Recommendation

You can extend your stay and enjoy spending more luxurious time in Satoyama Tokyo. Ask us how many days you want to stay more.

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