“Koutokuji Temple” Historic Temple with a Thatched Roof

This historic temple, founded in 1373, is standing in a quiet area with a thatch roofed entrance gate covered with moss. This temple has a great deal of relationships with the Hojyo family(*). In the guest room, there are Buddhist tablets of the family standing in line.

In the precincts of this temple, there are huge Kaya tree (=Japanese torreya 24.5 m) and Tara Yow tree (=Latifolia 19.1 m) designated as a natural monument of Tokyo Metropolis. Also, there are cherry trees and gigantic Ginkgo biloba trees. So you can enjoy the nature of seasons like beautiful views of cherry blossoms in spring, changing leaves in autumn.

Sakura(Cherry blossoms) in spring

Autumn leaves


(*)One of the leading lords and a pioneer of the Sengoku period (=Warring States Period). "Hojyo family" dominated the wide range of the Kanto region and lived at "Odawara Castle", one of the largest castles of the Warring States Period.

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